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Who are you anyway?

This site is owned and administered by Nero Schwarz Music Ltd. It serves to act as an online home for the musician, artist and poet Colin Vearncombe, also known as Black.

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Why are we telling you this?

A European law requires that we do. Your use of our site implies consent.


Why should I give you my email address?

Our main method of distributing news about Colin’s work is through the internet. That means we are focussed on building a mailing list of people who like Colin’s music and in order to do that, we are willing to give away some recordings in exchange for an email address. We think this is a fair deal, but if you don’t, you can always unsubscribe from the mailing list by either following the relevant link on the mails you receive from us or by clicking the link below – however, if you do unsubscribe, it’s possible you may miss out on the next free download because we only make them available for limited periods.

Our privacy policy is very simple. We will never knowingly allow access to our mailing list to anyone who is not directly associated with Colin and we will only use it to inform you about news and releases related to Colin’s work. We will never, ever sell this mailing list to anyone or allow anyone to use it for non-Colin-related spam.

To subscribe to the Blacklist, add your email address using the signup widget on the homepage.